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      Marc E. Rogers (Lt. Gen, USAF, RET.)


      General Rogers has extensive experience in the command and control (C2) arena and led joint war-fighting integration efforts for Joint Forces Command and the Joint Staff. He is intimately familiar with operational command and control (C2) processes and requirements for planning, coordinating, directing and controlling military operations, both Joint and Component.
      General Rogers was the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff C2 Functional Capabilities Board, an integral part of the Joint C2 requirements process. He served on the Joint Battle Management Command and Control (JBMC2) Board of Directors and was chairman of the JBMC2 Roadmap Council. He has extensive operational command experience from squadron through Numbered Air Force level, including multiple combat deployments, and served as Vice Commander, United States Air Forces in Europe.
      General Rogers led transformation efforts for both USAF and Joint organisations, including development of the operational information environment (OIE) concept and was the first Director, Standing Joint Force Headquarters (SJFHQ). The SJFHQ was an experimental Joint crisis planning unit consisting of headquarters personnel enabled by comprehensive collaborative planning software to rapidly plan Joint Task Force responses to crises on a highly compressed timeline using advanced collaboration techniques and tools for rapid situation understanding and decision-making.