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      Frank Lucero

      Studio Director 

      Over twenty-five years in the game development industry managing and developing products on many different platforms and across multiple genres. Frank has worked at many of the AAA game publishers over his career such as Sega, EA/Origin, Ubisoft, 2k Games, and Zenimax Online. This has has given him extensive software development experience on the PC, game consoles, mobile, as well as, extensive online experience dealing with platforms supporting massive online environments.  

      Frank began his career in the early days of game development when there was no formal education available for the craft. Games were a passion, education on the subject was non-existent and limited to the basics of computer science so his early exploits into game development were primarily self taught. He created a Bulletin Board System (BBS) for his home computer and a game playable online where people could call his computer via a modem. That lead to an expanded community of like minded aspiring developers which expanding his knowledge of software development leading to his first software development projects while still in High School. This lead to being given an opportunity as a programmer at Sega the game console giant of the early nineties.  
      Frank is an expert on crafting the user experience to quickly relay relevant information to the player in a simple and easy-to-understand way. He has a proven track record of producing quality games on time and on budget. His exceptional leadership and creative skills combined with solid business management experience has contributed to successful game franchises such as the Sonic the Hedgehog, NFL Blitz, Wing Commander, Elder Scrolls, and Grand Theft Auto franchises. He has experience building strong development teams from the ground up utilizing a programming and design background which helps bridge communication gaps between development groups allowing them to better understand each other.