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      Brian Lucas

      Creative Director

      Brian is a video game industry veteran with over a dozen years of experience in development. He is highly skilled in all aspects of game design methodology. The majority of his career he focused on becoming an expert in systems and UI/UX design. His extensive industry background includes working with AAA titles to Indie projects. One such title was Wizard101 which had 70+ million registered users. He has contributed to various indie titles including but not limited to various educational games, mobile games, and virtual reality (VR) games.

      Before joining the gaming industry, Brian had a strong passion for video games and technology. He was a guild leader in multiple games, created his own personal and guild websites, and assisted with the creation of and maintaining his college’s newspaper website back in California. He spent 2 years at Solano Community College studying Computer Science and Criminal Justice. Unfortunately he couldn’t afford to continue college and was forced to drop out.

      However, Brian’s passion for games and technology couldn’t be contained so he pursued a career in the game industry, accepting an internship at Stray Bullet Games where he met Frank Lucero in 2005. Brian moved from California to Austin, TX eager to learn as much as he could and turn this opportunity into a career. Brian showed an aptitude for game design and leadership and at his second game industry job he was given some leadership responsibilities at True Games Interactive, where he worked with Frank Lucero for a second time. He then went on to become Creative Director and Lead Designer at Kingdom Games for three years. He saw the potential that Fusion Constructive’s technology has and joined the team in 2018.