Company picture

      Cameron DeDear

      Senior Engineer

      Cameron began his professional career by entering the Education field as a College Advisor for a community college. His objectives were to establish a C.A.R.S (College Assistance Resource and Services) Center, located at a local high school, and offer a variety of services to students such as college entrance testing, various career exploration exams, soft-skills testing and workshops, among many others. During his employment with the community college, Cameron enrolled in a few programming classes that ignited a desire within him to return to school and go after his true passion.

      Cameron returned to school to attain his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science to follow his dreams to develop video games. He has used his skillset to work on a variety of projects, from personal games for his children to mobile, standalone PC, and VR games. Cameron’s primary professional focus has been in development of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games where he worked on developing client/server architecture for games like World of Tanks, an MMO with over 130 million registered users.