Prepare training activities
      Adjust threat levels
      Assess and debrief

      Fusion LVC is designed as an environment to collaborate through the entire training process. Real-time distributed mission planning, rehearsal, execution and After Action Review.


      Fusion is a front-end Virtual Environment and VR, AR & MR content management and collaboration platform.
      By connecting existing 2D computing platforms and emerging technologies, both on mobile and head-mounted devices, teams can now intuitively collaborate in real-time from distributed locations.

      Plan the exercise

      Generate and edit training environments through robust management and control of Live, Virtual and Constructive assets before and during training exercises. You can now plan and execute complex blended training operations, whether as an individual or a team working remotely.

      Collaborate in real-time

      Fusion LVC provides the level of collaboration achieved only through physical presence. Fully functional in-platform cloud compute work stations, file sharing and messaging capabilities is enabling a fully operational environment for distributed teams. 

      Platform data integrations

      Fusion is a front-end solution that integrates training and operations legacy systems into a common operating environment. Integrate current and emerging Training Systems & Devices and Mission Command Systems as well as other legacy training and simulation systems.

      Reconstruction and AAR

      Instantly reconstruct training and operations events based on recorded data gathered through LVC entity state and events data. Conduct better informed After Action Reviews and debriefing in the interactive 3D Sandtable.

      Product features

      • Spatial Editing Environment

        Generate and edit training scenarios using 2D or 3D map data, virtual assets and interior & aerial scans. Navigate the environment from multiple points of view and scales.

      • Cross-Platform

        Front-end interface that leverages current computing systems as well as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality platforms to provide the highest level of accessibility and collaboration.

      • integrations-integration-connect-connection


        Integrate current and emerging Training Systems & Devices, Mission Command Systems as well as other legacy training and simulation systems, GIS, weather data, IoT and sensory data.

      • Collaborative Tools

        Collaborate using functional tools. VoIP integrations enable seamless team communication, fully functional in-platform work stations, file sharing and messaging capabilities enable ultimate collaboration.

      • Review

        Improved after-action reviews with interactive features. Play, pause, rewind, fast forward and zoom features for versatile control of instant event reconstruction review. 

      • Access

        Intuitive access to authoritative sources, applications, documents files and assets. Integrating access to a suite of legacy applications and file sharing systems.

      • Interactive 3D Sandtable

        Visualize training and live ops in real-time.. Switch maps, deploy specific assets & data, and update mission objectives from command down to specific units.

      • Glove-virtualreality-ar-move

        AR Deployment

        Increase unit's situational awareness through intuitive AR hud content management in real-time. Generate Augmented Reality constructive adversaries. 

      • User Management System

        Manage the access to authoritative sources. Personalize the level of access to applications, documents files and data based on individual requirements and credentials.

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