Engineering Services

Our highly skilled engineering team has a proven record of performance creating and adapting leading-edge technology for our partners in Aerospace and Defense. With technology expertise ranging from enhanced distributed data visualization to adaptable integrated synthetic environments, Fusion’s agile engineers work closely with your team to deliver innovative solutions on time.

Tailored Solutions

We offer advanced high technical readiness level capabilities. Our team is ready to learn about your gaps to tailor our existing solutions to meet your requirements quickly.

Data Visualization
3D Synthetic Environments

    • Full synthetic environment
    • Realistic depiction of AOR
    • Historical data informing/feeding visuals/models/environmental conditions (weather, stellar cartography)
    • Integrated all-domain data visualization (subsurface-to-space, cyber)
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

    • Critical for LVC
    • Data source agnostic
    • Data visualized with precise geolocation
    • Multi-source data and models displayed in AR environment
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

    • VR device agnostic development approach
    • Performance optimization for CPU constrained devices
    • Distributed integrated data visualization environments
    • Intuitive User Interface

Distributed Collaboration

    • Global and rapid decision-making
    • 3D Mission Planning/Mission Rehearsal
    • Expediting kill-chain (common understanding same battlespace)
    • Shared understanding All-domains
LVC Integration

LVC Integration

    • Open protocol communications (DIS, HLA, TENA, CIGI, DDS, etc)
    • Distributed training operations
    • Integrating the virtual world into the physical world
    • Plan, prepare, execute, and assessment

All-Domain Operational

    • Full situational awareness of complete battlespace
    • Sub-surface, Surface, Ground, Air, Space, Cyber, EW, Common Operational Picture
    • Rapid coordination and direction of assets available
    • Operational tool
Enhanced After Action Review

Enhanced After Action Review

    • Increased knowledge retention from 3D environment increased by 37%
    • Immersive Augmented/Virtual Reality environments
    • Full 360 degree operational understanding from any viewpoint
    • Immersion of archived data, training experience
Robotics Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation

    • Automated workflows
    • Mission planning of real-world assets
    • Military Decision Making Process
    • Continuous ATO development and processing (Wargaming ATO)


    • Model behaviors/applying AI/ML inputs
    • Automatic deficiency identification (training and curriculum)
    • Visual pattern matching
    • Dynamic prioritization of events
Digital Twins

Digital Twins

    • Replication of real-world assets
    • Mission planning/rehearsal
    • 3D Battlespace/All-domain operational space sand table (Sub-surface to Space)
    • Rapid, real-time COA analysis
Multi Source Integration

Multi Source Integration

    • Tactical Data Link (Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, SADL)
    • Radar, sensor (live or simulated) from all platforms (Space, Maritime, Ground, Air, Cyber)
    • Multi-coder (H.264, H. 265, MPEG-2, MPEG -1, etc..)
    • Any Source/Agnostic (Command and Control systems)
Physics-Based Modeling

Physics-Based Modeling

    • Ingest/offer physics-based behavior models
    • Terrain/infrastructure deformity
    • RF propagation/CBRNE/BIO footprints
    • What-if analysis

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